a year in memories – 2021

At the moment, I am cherishing memories, instead of setting 2022 resolutions or goals for myself. 2021 was another challenging year, due to that virus-that-must-not-be-named, but it was also a beautiful, productive, heartwarming and great year. I compiled a list of 2021 memories, which became longer and longer…

2021 memories

planted strawberries
bought my apartment
took my speedboat license
caughed eel and smoked it
did a digital marketing course
helped my boyfriend move into his house
did an internship and got a job
have my own office
biked 65km in Lolland rundt
spent time with family
created a new website for myself
did my first Christmas wreath
made friends with a deer, who allowed my to pet him
won tickets and went to Zulu Awards
found & read my great-grandparents old love letters
watched the sunset from a boat
enjoyed the company of lovely friends
stayed in touch with friends who are far away
exchanged recipes with family
walked in the Christmas snow
talked a lot with my granddad
helped build a garden gate
hosted Christmas with my boyfriend for our families & it was lovely
wrote poems
watched bumblebees working
baked cakes and cookies
celebrated the one year anniversary with my boyfriend
read a few good books
pre-read one of my friends book before publishing
enjoyed all the seasons
felt the warmth of the sun on my face
watered roses
gazed at sunsets in Falster
listened to Sam Smith on repeat
got tested for Covid about 30 times & vaccinated twice
tried to walk more
watched all Olsen Banden movies in order for the first time
bounced with my tiny ‘niece’ Lóa

And so much more…

I cried, laughed, hugged, biked, walked, drove, drank and sailed. 2021 was a great year, full of memories, slow living ones mostly. I used to measure a year’s sucess in the amount of flights I had boarded. This year, I felt closer to nature and that feels really good, as if that connection was missing from my life. This is also connected to being more in the moment we are in, instead of ‘what will happen next’. It’s a working progress, but I can see that I have worked on it.

The interesting thing about making a list like this, is that you realise what you cherish most and what has made the year different from the last one.

From a growth perspective, I see it as an important factor, that I am not pressuring myself into a new year, with to do’s and goals set. I have however found two or three things I want to focus on: health, kindness and balance. Something to have in mind and progress with, not a full front goal with deadlines.

Here is to another year, let come what may and focus on the small important things.

What are you focusing on this year?

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