Hello there!

I grew up between Denmark and Portugal, studied politics in Lisbon & Aberystwyth and, now, I live happily in Denmark.

From a very young age, words and books were my best friends. At the age 7, my yellow Kodak also became another trusted friend, together with my childhood dog, Berta. At times, I found it easier to connect with an animal than a human, which I couldn’t quite understand and it made me feel odd.

Much later in life, I found out I am an emotional empath, which has meant a life full of feelings. For the most part, it was hard because I always felt misunderstood. Nowadays, I am embracing it, as it finally has a name and I understand myself.

In this little corner, I want to create an online journal to share my poems, which I hope you can relate to, but also scribbles on important subjects, such as introvertness, pressures of daily life and the beauty of it all. I will also share places or travels that have a story and, also, family ones. Who knows where all this will take me?

My hope is to spark your empathy, curiosity and a sense of being understood, even some comfort. Therefore, I hope you stick with me through all of these words and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And, I must admit that when I write, I think “when you were younger, what did you need. What would you want to read now, what would help”.

If you have any questions, magic you’d like to share or just say hello, then do send it my way here. I do love to get mail.

Have a lovely day!

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