A slow living writer, content creator & season enthusiast, living in Denmark.

Nadja de Oliveira

– Content Creator, SoMe lover, Poem Writer and an Emotional Empath

In a Nutshell

From a very young age, words and books were my best friends. At the age 7, my yellow Kodak also became another trusted friend, together with my childhood dog, Berta. At times, I found it easier to connect with an animal than a human, which I couldn’t quite understand and it made me feel odd.

So words & photos being a passion, it isn’t strange or off-topic that I landed in content and digital marketing, where both can and should be combined. Today, I am working in Digital Marketing, but I have been in other industries, such as travel and politics.

When I write about personal experiences, I think about what I needed when I was younger, or what I would help me now.


➸ Living between the urban Copenhagen and the naturful Falster, in Denmark

➸ MSc Econ in European Politics from Aberywsyth University and BA in International Politics from the University of Lisbon

➸ Lived in Portugal, Denmark, Wales and Sweden

Get in touch

I am always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat, don’t hesitate in reaching out (here)


➸ In the process of publishing a poem collection

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