an enthralling Alentejo Summer | Portugal

Summer Portugal, Alentejo - Nadja de Oliveira

The summer in Portugal is an eternal heatwave, where everything stands still in humble obedience to the sun’s might. At midday, you’ll see the blurriness at the hot air rising from the soil. The sun is yellow with warmth in the afternoon and twilight takes over in beautiful colours. This is where I grew up.

At the edge of Europe, here is this nation, with a long and complex history. With many delights and quirks, that makes me happy to call it my other homeland.

This southern part of Portugal, Alentejo, has its own spirit, it’s own nature, it’s own magic.

Summer Portugal, Alentejo - Nadja de Oliveira

what makes Alentejo magical?

the golden afternoon light

listening to the crickets at night

the endless stary sky

the fresh grapes, nespas, oranges and figs you pick from the tree

the undoubtful heat that fills the air

the sound of cows on the pasteur, with their bells

the icy Atlantic Ocean

the lazy cat or dog lying in the sun

the sunsets over the sea

feeding pears to donkeys

the crooked cork trees, named chaparros

the short espresso and something sweet or savoury

the scent of heat

all the traditional food

the dramatically beautiful coastline

the small winding paths down to secret beaches

the ever-present fishing heritage

the dry plants and weeds that make for an eternal bouquet

the fog over the river in the morning

a cup of coffee in the early sun

the sound of waves crashing on the beach

its valleys full of small creeks and wildlife

Happy Summer dreaming, signature
Summer Portugal, Alentejo - Nadja de Oliveira

ps – have you ever been?

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