an almanac of words


The word ‘almanac’ goes back to my childhood, to my family.

I have always loved history and tradition, that some things don’t change and are still relevant today. This the inheritance from my dad, my grandfather and great-grandfather, who are/were history lovers.

My father used to buy the almanac every year, which had all the public holidays, moons and tides, seasons, when to sow, astrology, sayings and popular wisdom. It’s called Borda d’Água, from Portugal, and it has been printed since 1929, with the same original editorial type of content and layout.

It’s the idea of having a guide for the year, like a companion of practical knowledge. An almanac is a tool that should never grow out of fashion.

And words,

… because I have always loved them, their meaning, interpretations and official definitions. I have been a book mole most of my life, therefore it is an ode to them. To the letter that form words and enable us to communicate.

When I was not more than 3 years old, my great-grandfather taught how to care for books, one page at a time, handling their knowledge with respect. And then, a little book person was born. With school, came the ability to read and, thus, books became friends that tell stories.

I started to dream about being a storyteller myself, to be able to see, feel or imagine and being able to convey in words this to the reader. And not more than 3 years ago, I started writing poetry, without the ‘it’s not good enough’ voice on. I have many of them now, which I will share here.

My hope

…is that you find comfort, acknowledgement, excitement and interest in these post that I write. That I can convey you some sort of happiness or understanding, because that is my wish with this corner on the world wide web. signature

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