the ever alluring autumn colours

It feels as if, all the beautiful Autumn colours are seducing me this year. However, this season also has another side to it. I recently received Sara Tasker‘s beautiful newsletter, which starts with the statement ‘Autumn reminds us that change can be beautiful‘. It was honest and well put, which inspired me and made me think of the different layers and feelings behind it.

Constant change is part of life, both within and in nature.

It reminded me of change as a child, when I couldn’t deal with it. I wanted things to stay just as they were. I would get very frustrated because change couldn’t be controlled. We are confronted with change constantly, voluntarily or unvoluntarily, since we are born. Yet, it’s hard to manage the feelings attached to change, even if we should be pros at it. I have found some gateways, but that doesn’t mean the same feelings don’t manifest anymore, they just can’t take over my being.

I love all the colours of Autumn, but it’s hard to know how long the leaves will hold on to the trees. I know that it preceeds a more steril period, where colours and weather are colder. Again, change. The fleetingness always makes me remeber to appreciate it more, before it’s gone. We can’t change that Winter will come along, so why fight the thought that I don’t want to be cold. Winter has it’s own beauty, possible snow, frost and the lack of colour is special too. One of the main reasons I appretiate Winter, not counting the eagerness of snow, is knowing that all the roots are being nurtured, deep in the soil, to make the Spring beautiful once more.

Darked times call for hygge, small projects, candles, a fresh book and a cuppa.

I am always too late when it comes to preparing small projects, that can be cosy when the rain comes and outside becomes less attractive. I either, have had other priorities, or I have been drained by the thought of it.

This year, I decided to plan early. As an emotional empath and introvert, planning makes everything doable. I plan when I am going to this and that, to have room to take it slow. Otherwise, it can become so exausting or overwhelming, that I end up doing nothing of what I wished to do.

A little side explanation here: I discovered that I was an emotional empath at the end of 2019. I had always known that lived with a lot of intense feelings. I was blissful to discover that I wasn’t alone. It has been a learning curve. Finding the right mindset, mental planning and getting emotional ready for activities, without it disturbing my life too much. And, most importantly, self-acceptance.

Back to the seasonality talk. Where were we? Oh yes! I am always late with what makes the dark and cold time cosy and beautiful. That is not to say, that there isn’t unaplanned hygge. It’s just that I always wanted to have some activities in Autumn, something that makes my mind rest and focus on everything else. And, this year, I have made three things that made me happy, which didn’t only involve looking at the Autumn colours.

This year is different…

Firstly, my partner and I started smoking our own eel (which we also caught ourselves – yes, interesting right!). This means a lot of time outside controlling the smoke and fire. It became even more pleasing, when we found out that they were delicious.

The second thing came to me in September. We were out trimming the hedge and I saw pine cones scattered around, which made me dream of Christmas decorations. I collected them and, slowly, I found what I what purpose I could give them. I have always loved wreaths, and so made two, with those pine cones. I was so proud when I was done, and it was four hours of not thinking of anything else but how to make it happen and make it beautiful. A sort of mindfulness.

Lastly, I set up a date to make pepparkakor (say it with a Swedish accent) – also known as gingerbread – at the start of december. It is satisfying to do it and have them for Christmas, which in a way is a celebration of all things homemade. I always end up mid December and rush through it. This time I have set a whole Sunday off with cosy peole to make them, on the first Sunday of Advent.

This did not discard the cups of tea and coffee, lighting candles, looking at the leaves falling, eating pies and watching Harry Potter, which, of course, I am indulging in, as much as I do in Adele’s new album (love!).

Remember that darkness

can also be beautiful,

it depends how you light it.

This has been this years recipe to welcome the colder months. I love rain and grey skies, but I know my body needs light to feel awake and healthy. Hopefully, making my heart warm and happy, will somewhat of the same effect.

One last, but important point, is that awkward unwelcome guest that has changed our lives since March 2020. That was a brutal change, which our forefathers have also dealt with (thinking Spanish flu here). If I tell it to myself in these terms, my mind thinks ‘they survived and everything went on to become normal again, even if it was a new normal’. I have decided to make a last and short point as we hear enough about it everywhere. But I wonder, if it has made us better at change or will we always fight it?

How do you deal with the natural changes? What is making you happy and comforted when change hits? Seasonal or unseasonal ones. Please, let me know in the comments. ☟

Again, remember to find a tiny thing that makes your heart glow, even if it is a photo of the Autumn colours, as reminder of it’s beauty. signature

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