the beginning | an intuitive empath’s diary

Have you ever been called sensitive? Felt impacted by the outside world? Have you ever felt that your chest is about to burst with feelings you can’t control? It’s okay, I have felt like that too. You are not alone.

– how it felt

I had so many feelings in my childhood, mine and other people’s. It was very confusing and it made me so anxious all the time.

A lot of times I remember being okay, then the next everything was overwhelming – I didn’t know I was confusing my feelings for other people’s.

The phrase you are too sensitive was said a lot. Sometimes, it’s used to express annoyance and frustration, but other times, it’s an expression for not understanding how something makes someone else feel or how to tackle a situation. But it will always make me feel different and sad. It still triggers me, even thought I know that people don’t always intend to hurt your feelings.

How can we know how it feels if we don’t experience it ourselves?

If I feel comfortable & safe, I explain myself, try to make others understand that we can’t expect or assume, but we can learn & adjust.

What can you expect in this space?

An honest account of a person who feels a thousand feelings a day, which hopefully can comfort you and make you feel supported.

I am only going on my experiences and not someone elses. I will share situations, feelings and topics, which are relevant and what tools I used or I am learning to use.

This series will include: triggers, books, exercises for mind and body, tips, questions & so on.

Should you…

feel like this is something that speaks to you and just want to agree, or you want to know more, please leave a comment or email me and I will get back to you.

I will also dig into literature that helps me cope, but if you have an urgent curiousity, check out the books by Judith Orloff. The Empath’s Survival Guide is a must.

This was the beginning. Next up, I will talk about the heart, the center of us all.

Have a lovely time until then, signature

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