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Reflection and journaling inspired sky - Copenhagen

Journaling, writing or poetry scribling comes in tides for me. Sometimes, I have all the ideas in the world; other times, nothing happens. I have found out, that personally it depends on the inner dialogue, checking in with oneself and how life is at the moment.

I have missed it. The feeling of having something to write and doing it. It helps my ideas and feelings, as I categorize them instinctively and see quicker the connection between them, creating a web of thoughts and more aha moments. Therefore my soul feels better, everything gets clearer and I create room for more understanding.

I must admit, I have never been good at having a paper one. Even though I love writing, it became too serious for me and I had for a long time the prejudice of it having to start with dear diary. Adding to that, when I was a teenager, I was deadly scared of someone reading it, so I wasn’t honest to my diary or pen.

– what to expect

Today, this corner of the web is my journaling at the moment, where I share what I feel like I should share. And the more personal thoughts also get out, on small phrases on post-its or whatever I have around.

After a lot of reading and writing, I feel like I need to write less to understand more and I end up having more to say here. In a paced and slow way, rather than satisfying the need for content.

I have created this category, also to seperate prose from verse. Prose has it’s own magic. I think you can expect a bit of everything here, possibly:

  • Different stories, possibly from the past and maybe some letters (all very mysterious, I know)
  • Matters of the mind & heart, with reflections, unavoidable questions and that sort of mind boggling things
  • It will be the parent of my travel letters, because the act of writing a letter is also a form of journaling
  • Some ode to seasons and their memories, because all of them have their own personality and are never the same
  • Books that help, books that dream and books in between
  • Some stardust ideas that I haven’t come upon just yet

I hope you enjoy all the ramblings, ideas, letters and musings.

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