planning a journey through Scotland by train

It all started with a dream, as does the best things in life. I wanted to travel to bonnie Scotland in Autumn, by train and go all the way to Inverness and to visit the Isle of Skye.

why Scotland

It is a very special country, with so much beauty, that makes any heart fall in love and slow down. Scotland is a place I always go back to time and time again, never disappointing. It was the Scottish wilderness that inspired me to write my first poem, which hopefully will become a book.

In a nutshell, it’s a place that inspires me, that makes me feel at home. This time, I wanted to travel slowly, take more time to enjoy the view from the train with a tea cake and coffee and to have time to get to know Fort William and Inverness.

how I started planning

Scotland by train sounds thrilling, but it also envolves a lot of timetables. Therefore, I aimed at having everything booked beforehand, to able to relax and enjoy the ride. To make this possible, I planned plenty of buffer time between the different stretches.

I started by searching for places to stay, things I absolutely couldn’t miss – the wee priority list. I decided not to have more than one per day, then have a list of options to choose from when the main goal is done.

Some of the must do’s was to ride the Jacobite Steam Train from Fort William to Mallaig, to see the Scottish highlands from the train, both on the way up and down to Edinburgh, to visit the Isle of Skye and to get to know the capital of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness.

the plan became reality

And then, after all the planning, it became reality. I did the six-day journey in Autumn, just before the pandemic. It was the wonderful, heartwarming and soul enriching. One day, I will probably do it all over again, but hopefully over two or three weeks instead and renting a camper van in Inverness to explore the Northern Highlands and the Inner Hebrides.

I will write a small story at a time, and savour the memories from each place or experience. The memories and the views still make me smile today. I can’t wait to dip into writing each small chapter and sharing them. I hope it can inspire you to plan your own travel experience in Scotland, as it really is soul enriching.

It took a lot of research and notes, which I have compiled into a document I want to share with you. Here is the itinerary for the 6-day trip I made: Scotland by train in 6 days.

Scotland trip draft plan

I did nearly everything I wanted to do, including drinking coffee on the Jacobite steam train, visiting Skye where I washed my face in water that came straight from the mountain stream, drank pints at small pubs, ate pies for lunch, walked around Portree and took in all the breath taking views. Soon I’ll start with the first step – Edinburgh.

Have a lovely day ,

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