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Have you ever stood at a bus stop, been shopping or just walking and suddenly a couple of phrases just come to you as someone would have whispered the words in your ear? It happens to me in the most unexpected of places and times.

– it was a whisper

When it happens, I hurry to find either pen and paper or my phone, to create a note before the words disappear again or the order gets messed up. Only when it’s jotted or typed down, I can relax.

After almost three years since I started writing poems, I have a wee collection of short ones as well. Originally, I called them small, and I have no clue how they became short, but my brain did prefer the word.

These short musings can be anything – a realisation, a situation, a feeling, a phrase I should tell myself every day as empowerment, a day dream, a memory or just words that my mind found a way to weave together.

As they are short, a title doesn’t suit them. They are what they are – short. Therefore, at the chance of being boring and organised, I will enumerate them. They will become their own series, categorised by form rather than theme.

– to share or not to share?

I will not hide the fact that I am scared to share this. Self-criticism knocks on my door from time to time, I invite him in (yes, it is a he and he looks and sounds somewhat like Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett). We have tea, he says his peace, I nod politely, then we say goodbye and he leaves. After the meeting, I hang on to these words by the goddess herself:

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

Maya Angelou

And here we are today, with me explaining what is to come, hoping that you will read my poems with an open heart and mind, with a willingness to daydream, to understand and, hopefully, feel understood, with kindness. I hope you read my words and enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I hope you see what I see, that you feel what I feel. signature

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