“She smelled sweet and mysterious, like honey from the desert.”

– written on a dreamy & rainy day, in bed

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Summer Portugal, Alentejo - Nadja de Oliveira

an enthralling Alentejo Summer | Portugal

The summer in Portugal is an eternal heatwave, where everything stands still in humble obedience to the sun’s might. At midday, you’ll see the blurriness at the hot air rising from the soil. The sun is yellow with warmth in the afternoon and twilight takes over in beautiful colours. This is where I grew up.

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about grieving & mourning

What makes us alive is the fact that we aren’t dead. All of us have experience loss, yet it is so hard to embrace grief and the reality that we have lost someone. It can feel unreal, unsurpassable, heartbreaking, terrifying, lonely, overwhelming and (insert feeling). Let’s talk grieving and mourning.

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a year in memories – 2021

At the moment, I am cherishing memories, instead of setting 2022 resolutions or goals for myself. 2021 was another challenging year, due to that virus-that-must-not-be-named, but it was also a beautiful, productive, heartwarming and great year. I compiled a list of 2021 memories, which became longer and longer…

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Narnia book Christmas Feeling

a christmassy feeling of warmth & nostalgia

December is a month full of new and old traditions and, maybe because of that, nostalgia floods my heart in this season. Memories I always treasure, that makes me happy around Christmas. Here are some of the memories that have come up recently, from different places and times.

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the ever alluring autumn colours

It feels as if, all the beautiful Autumn colours are seducing me this year. However, this season also has another side to it. I recently received Sara Tasker‘s beautiful newsletter, which starts with the statement ‘Autumn reminds us that change can be beautiful‘. It was honest and well put, which inspired me and made me…

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Cornfields, Golden Fields, Falster, Denmark

golden fields of summer

These golden, swaying fields have been a part of my Danish summers, since I can remember. As you can probably sense, there is some nostalgic feelings whirling in the air.

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Reflection and journaling inspired sky - Copenhagen

about journaling again

Journaling, writing or poetry scribling comes in tides for me. Sometimes, I have all the ideas in the world; other times, nothing happens. I have found out, that personally it depends on the inner dialogue, checking in with oneself and how life is at the moment.

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travel stories | the beginning

At the beginning of this year, I found a stack of love letters from my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother, dated 1946. They had just married. After reading them, my head was filled with ideas. Let me explain the brainstorm which led to this beginning…

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short poems | how, what & why

Have you ever stood at a bus stop, been shopping or just walking and suddenly a couple of phrases just come to you as someone would have whispered the words in your ear? It happens to me in the most unexpected of places and times.

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an almanac of words

The word ‘almanac’ goes back to my childhood, to my family. I have always loved history and tradition, that some things don’t change and are still relevant today. This the inheritance from my dad, my grandfather and great-grandfather, who are/were history lovers.

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